Genome-wide Molecular Dating

MiCPhy goes online

We’re delighted to announce the MIC-Phy online meeting/workshop 15-17th Feb 2021! More info at

COVID-19 & Evolutionary Analysis

We are hoping to apply our PoMo approach to COVID-19 data. However, because of sequencing errors the data is still not in a state in which advanced evolutionary analysis should be performed (e.g. population trees, estimation of accurate mutation rates, selection). Kosiol Group Alumni Nicola De Maio, Lukas Weilguny (now at the EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute), … Read more

Consistency proof for Bayesian PoMo

Our newest paper: We prove that the polymorphism-aware phylogenetic models provide a consistent estimator of the species tree when placed in a Bayesian framework. Check it out at:  

Genetics Cover designed by Rui Borges

The August Cover page of Genetics was designed by Rui Borges for his publication “Quantifying GC-Biased Gene Conversion in Great Ape Genomes Using Polymorphism-Aware Models” in the same issue.        

Baboon paper get mentioning Standard

Standard and APA published an article about  contribution to the Baboon project There is also a press release in English Baboon genomes shed new light on complex evolutionary history

New IQ-TREE-PoMo manuscript!

“Polymorphism-aware species trees with advanced mutation models, bootstrap and rate heterogeneity” by Dominik Schrempf, Bui Quang Minh, Arndt von Haeseler, and Carolin Kosiol.